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Back on the racetrack

So my main project is getting into critical phase. We want to get this puppy out the door soon.

So I'm now the driver on the mechanical design side, leading a small team on the final modifications to the main parts of the sensor, and that should get done by the end of the week. We've been brainstorming for a few days on clever changes to a mechanism, and we have settled on what looks like a good design, although there is an even better one which would involve more changes than we can allow at this stage. Lots for me to learn... materials selection, manufacturability concerns, stress analysis, flexures, etc.

Of course, "leading" seems to mean stirring things up and the guiding the brainstorming towards a conclusion, since we can go around and around discussing things forever. Eventually, and sooner than later, drawings are needed, but I'm not the one to do them. I just get people pointed in, if not the Right Direction(tm), at least a pretty good direction, and get them moving.

It's nice to be able to do this... fortunately, the people I'm working with are good enough at what they do that I can trust them to do stuff competently on their own, unlike in some other places I've seen.
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