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SmoQue Shack

Warren (the original chef at Sweetgrass, which is now gone) has a new restaurant, and it's on our semi-regular rotation. A few dishes of note:

Pulled pork: Yummy, with the vinegar note that soul_diaspora likes but has a really hard time finding up here.

Ribs: Tasty and meaty, with very little fat. They are not "fall-off-the-bone" tender, but if you want a more substantial experience, this is the stuff.

Jerk: awesome, with the flavor very deeply pervading the meat, not too spicy (although gets considerably hotter on reheating). The pork is excellent; for the chicken, the dark meat works better than the white.

Pirri-pirri: really tasty, but **** that's hot! soul_diaspora and I could not finish an app of pirri-pirri wings even working together... we were defeated by the spice.

You order and pay for your sides separately; even so, the cost of a meal isn't unreasonable, coming out well below what a steakhouse would cost for similar fare.
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