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Another post got me thinking about minimalist electronica, and how it can be quite haunting.

Here are a couple of good tracks to give you the feel of it:
Solvent City--A Panel of Experts (The Lowfish remix gives it a darker tone)
Tycho--Send and Receive

Also, much of the music from Machinarium (free demo, highly recommended) falls into this category.

Some people call it "intelligent dance music" (IDM), which doesn't seem to fit it well. That label also gets applied to stuff like Ulrich Schnauss' work (for example, Knuddelmaus, which starts off quite minimalist but layers as it goes), which I find much more full-textured, and quite distinct.

Anyway, it's a little corner of the music world that doesn't get a lot of attention, so I figured I'd shine a somewhat flickery, yellowish spotlight on it. Some of you may be interested, or have related stuff to share back at me!
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