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New Music

I've missed a few bagsful of music, but here's the most recent crop:

  • Abdullah Ibrahim - Re:Brahim - Abdullah Ibrahim Remixed: I don't "do" jazz, but some of the treatments of Ibrahim's work here remind me of why I often append "yet" to that statement. I seem to be coming at it sideways, and this CD is a good vector for it. Somewhat acidy ("acidic" gives the wrong feel) tracks with good feeling to them... a cut above some of the more automatic acid jazz I've found.

  • Snooze - Goingmobile and The Man In The Shadow: This is kind of hard to describe. It's somewhere in that broad muted-tone area between acid jazz, chillout, and downbeat electro-pop. A few tracks could be left off, especially from Goingmobile, but overall, there's a lot of good material there.

  • Ministry of Sound - Ibiza Annual 2005: The Funky House Sound of the Summer: I have half of this already, scattered around on various discs, but a good deal of what I didn't already have was good, and the price was pretty reasonable (about $18 for the set). It's a 3-disc set, with disc 1 being very dance-party (think MC Mario), disc 2 being mostly "older," less candy trace, electro and house, and disc 3 being more chillout and downtempo. There are a few surprising mixes: for example, a catchy remix/cover of Owner of a Lonely Heart by Max Graham vs. Yes (on cd 1), a very nice lead-in to iio's Rapture (on cd 2), and an accoustic version of Basement Jaxx' Romeo (on cd 3).

In other news, the Denon DN-D4500 (CD player) is Going To Ship Today(tm), dammit. Stupid 2-month backorder.
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