ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

Kenjutsu time!

I'm leaving today for Edmonton, there to take part in a kenjutsu seminar on the weekend and a bunch of extra classes. Last year, I went to Aikido Summer Camp, and had a good time; this is this year's big martial arts outing. I expect to practice some 30 hours between Friday evening and Tuesday afternoon, assuming my body holds out. It's promising to be intense and fun, with local students putting several of us (including me) up during our stay.

This is kind of a big deal for us, it being the first such seminar held by the soke (lineage-holder, chief instructor of the system), and the first chance he will have to meet the Ottawa students--and of course, the first chance we will have to learn directly from him. Seven of us are making the trip, including Sensei J., which means quite a bit of money in airfare.

I get back late Tuesday night; between now and then, my online-ness will be spotty at best.

Also, this will be the farthest north I'll have been in Canada, but not globally: Helsinki is more than a degree further North, and I've been past the Arctic Circle in Lapland.
Tags: kenjutsu, life
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