ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

More life

First off, it was great to see so many of you at Pride last week!

My mother-in-law has been in town for a while, and we went up to Quebec City Monday and Tuesday for a whirlwind tour: we mainly hit the Old City, Aquarium, and Montmorency Falls. There's a lot of good food to be had in that town, too!

Work has been crazy busy this week; I think I have to give up these mini-vacations as a failed experiment, since they are just too short for people to feel the need to deal with anything in my absence, so stuff just piles up and rots for the couple of days I'm away. Henceforth, I think that I'll generally take a week or more at a time, so that people know that they can't just let everything wait for my return.

Today and tomorrow, I'm participating in a kenjutsu seminar. A teacher of a style even older than the one I practice is visiting town, and offered to teach a seminar for folks with some sword experience. The schedule is a bit odd, with a late-evening session tonight (see previous post) and a midday session tomorrow, each running 3 hours. I'm looking forward to it: this is the oldest martial art with a continuous lineage in Japan, and was the art studied by the founder of the style I study.

I'm also looking forward to some quiet time with soul_diaspora tomorrow evening and Monday, after all this excitement!
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