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New games

I just picked up a few new games:

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar is a worker-placement game in which workers can perform more advanced actions by waiting, as wheels turn over time to move them to new actions. This is the most "serious" of the new games I got.

Galaxy Trucker is a simultaneous-play spaceship-building and -racing game, created by the same designer (Vlaada Chvatil) as Space Alert and Through the Ages. I got the Anniversary Edition, which has both expansions and a bit more, so there's lots to work with here.

The Ladies of Troyes is an expansion for Troyes, a clever worker-placement game with dice which nevertheless retains decent game balance; the expansion promises to add more variety and replayability. ilanikhan is a fan of this one, only partly for thematic reasons.

Small World Underground is an alternative twist on Small World, a lighthearted wargame which soul_diaspora and I have been playing quite a lot. The two can also be combined for even more chaos. I believe this now fills out my set of expansions and variants in the Small World family, and should keep us having fun for a good while!
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