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Thoughts on response to 9/11

I'm saddened that a nation whose anthem calls it "the land of the free and the home of the brave" has been made so fearful by so little, that it has sacrificed the freedoms which it defended so ardently for so long against so much.

Yes, little. How many died in the War of Independence? How many in the American Civil War? How many in the First and Second World Wars? How many struggled and sacrificed and died for the freedom of Blacks, of women, of homosexuals? Today, it seems that America is all about preserving the safe and wealthy lifestlye of middle- and upper-class Americans, and if that means making a gated community which extends from sea to shining sea, then that's what they'll do.

Coming back to the matter of anthems, we sing that "we stand on guard for" "Canada, glorious and free." When the terrorists strike here, will we stand our ground and hold to the ideals which we have preached? Or will we gloriously hide like scared rabbits, joining our Southern neighbors in their bunker?

We, as citizens of free countries, are combattants in the eyes of oppressors, and they're right. What's wrong is that we shy away from the personal sacrifices that may mean, and sacrifice instead the things which make our nations worthwhile. Oppressors should see our existence as a threat: if oppressed people find out just what they could have, maybe they'll stop consenting to be oppressed, and long-overdue changes will come about. Instead of setting an example and offering a helping hand to all who would accept it though, we make ourselves into oppressors, both at home and abroad.
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