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Gig, and new toy

Well, Murphy's parting shot has (I hope) been fired: my new CD players arrived the day after my set for the Ottawa Slam Poets Benefit.

Don't ship UPS. Just... never hassle-free. Especially cross-border.

The event was a blast, though not quite as well-attended as hoped for. If you've never heard slam poets and live spoken-word stuff, you're missing out. I did a set before the main event; DJ Neuron did one after.


Hardcandy--To Lose
Spylab--Celluloid Hypnotic
Vibrolux--Rencontre No#1
Big Muff--Poppy's Song
Swayzak--State of Grace
Le Hammond Inferno--Margret Evening Fashion
Alix--Notre Disque Dur

It seems that nobody in Ottawa spins Neuron's and my kind of trance and house, given the enthusiasm the bar staff seem to have at the few places I've been... looking at getting a semi-regular gig going "soon."
Tags: dj, music
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