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What is this?!

Memes on LJ... who could have imagined! beable tagged me with a 'B'.

Something I hate: Bullying. I'm pretty sure I inherit this from my dad, who was always a firm believer in using power to help and protect those without it, to the point that he and a few others would go bully-bashing when he was a youth.

Something I like: Booze. I've never really been drunk, but I enjoy the many tastes and varieties of alcohol a great deal.

Somewhere I've been: British Columbia. The most time I spent there was a few weeks on a Basic Officer Training Course (Hell) (acronym BOTCH), which I can't say I enjoyed much, but I've also been there on a couple of other more pleasurable occasions: a visit to Simon Fraser U and a vacation in the Okanagan Valley. I want to go back and visit Vancouver Island someday not too far off.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Baffin Island. Speaking of expensive vacations, this one's a doozy. Still, I really want to visit Canada's high north. I've been past the Arctic Circle, but that was in Finland, not in my own country.

Someone I know: Bill, a colleague who took a bullet in layoffs a couple of years ago, and whom I still share a beer or a game with now and then.

A film I like: Blade Runner. It's a visually beautiful movie that brings a lot of moral complexities out into the open, plus Vangelis' soundtrack for it is awesome in all senses of the word.

A book I like: Bloom County. I got into this thanks to soul_diaspora; it's classic politically charged humor which, at its best, spreads its lampooning equitably in all directions.

As usual with these memes, ask me and I'll tag you with a letter!
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