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New Music

Recent hauls:
  • Gary Moscheles--Shaped to Make Your Life Easier: Funky acid jazz and jazzy house with a dancey beat and a bit of that too-cool-4-u irony lurking in the background. A fun CD, but not one I'll spin just anywhere. "Gary Moscheles" is one of the many aliases of Mike Paradinas; click on the link for more info. He's best known for his μ-ziq project.

  • The John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic: Blues with a house edge. John Popper is best known as a vocalist and harmonica player with Blues Traveller, and DJ Logic is a jazz turntablist (you gotta hear it). The band is filled out by Tad Kinchla on guitars and Marcus Bleecker on drums. I've been leaning more towards blues over the past few months, and this fits into the pattern. Nice stuff to play for your hip friends, although people who don't like Blues Traveller won't like this.

  • React Music--Real Ibiza 2: Chillout with, again, housiness. The previous 2 discs put me in the mood to appreciate the first CD of this, which has more house and less ambient than the second CD, and which I was lukewarm about on first hearing. I have a few of the tracks from the pair already (4 out of 23, I think), but it's no reason not to get this, especially marked down from its original secondhand price. CD2's information was snafu'ed in wherever WMP gets its data from, surprisingly; it may be that multi-disc sets confuse it. Like most of the React collections, this is unmixed for DJ happiness and joy.

  • MC Mario--Party Mix 2K6: Enough mellow stuff... dance already! He's still mixing nifty danceable stuff with that classic touch: disco house, reworked 80's tracks, and eurodance. I don't currently DJ a lot of dance parties, but this is the kind of stuff you'll hear if (when) I do. Great energy, but what else would you expect from a Montréalais?

[edit: edit, edit, edit, geez, typoville today. I think I'm not gonna try writing too much critical VHDL code here.]
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