ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,


Sunday's games went well, although scribble_scribe was unfortunately too sick to come. iclysdale, MV, and I played Ixnay, a homebrewed thing by me based on the core concept of Njet. When DB and MT arrived, we all played Witch Trial, a Cheapass Game in which players take the parts of lawyers trying to gain cold, hard cash prestige by prosecuting and defending cases in the glory days of Salem etc. We followed that with a game of Santa Fe Rails, a railroad game from 2001 in which players earn cold, hard cash victory points by connecting cities to the rail grid and by having lots of different railroads connected to cities for which they have played cards.

There was also some discussion of the upcoming bulk order and what each of us would be buying; my own tentative list as of right now is:

I'm also planning to get the Italy/France expansion for Power Grid and the Pirates of Davy Jones Locker (expansion for Pirates of the Spanish Main) special edition box. It looks like the discount will be 25%, since we're already almost at the threshold order quantity.
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