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Life update

General bloggage... rare for me, I've noticed.

Citi sucks. Forget a credit card somewhere? 2 weeks or more of frustration trying to get new cards ordered and delivered. Oh, and guess who they deliver through? UPS! The same lackwits who fucked up my CD delivery for one last extra-irritating week! *headdesk* The icing on this particular cake is that I'm a member at the pool hall where I forgot the card, so they could have called me instead, having my contact info in their database.

In brighter news, ms_danson's RPG session yesterday was very good... character development and interaction, and cool NPCs introduced. Note to self: apply cider and chocolate to GM regularly (by ingestion only though, I think).

Also, work-work is exiting the frustrating in-between phase and entering Development Stage 2. This is because of the recently mentioned major milestone (freeing me from firefighting duty), and because the last bug found in fairly comprehensive hardware testing of Stage 1 of my main project (not part of said milestone) was finally tracked down and fixed yesterday (SKWISH!). I'll be presenting The Plan for approval on Friday, outlining my next couple of months of work. Result: less LJ'ing soon, but also better morale. Being too busy is stressful, but the opposite is often worse.

The winter tires are on the car now. Heck, have I even mentioned the car here? My parents have generously given me the old Volvo 940[1], having bought a new car for themselves. It's an expense, but the extra hour-plus per day not spent on the bus is a Good Thing. I do feel a bit guilty about pollution, though, and hope to be able to live closer to work (currently about 27 km) once I finish my thesis. I still take the bus on weekends, since parking is often annoying downtown, but I kind of begrudge the price of bus tickets. ANYway, digression aside, I had the winter tires put on yesterday, because a little voice in my head is saying that there will be snow on the ground when I leave for work within the next 2 weeks, and the Queensway is quite insane enough without me contributing to the problem by skidding across 3 lanes.

[1]: No, that's not my specific car, but it's the same model, year and (I think) color.
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