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Weekend: the good, the bad and the ugly

Friday, went to see the Kirov Ballet's performance of Swan Lake at the NAC. I'm not a connoiseur of ballet by any means, but it was beautiful. I'm both admiring and pitying of the performers: having figure skated somewhat some years ago, I have some idea of what they go through to get there, and it's a very special kind of hell. The whole experience was very much a sensory delight: the sets, the music, the dancers, the grace of it all. The story is, it seems to me, just a framework to hang everything else on and give it some structure; taking it that way certainly worked for me.

Unfortunately, something I ate Friday disagreed with me. For those familiar with Transmetropolitan, I'll just say that Saturday felt like I'd gotten in Spider Jerusalem's way. This totally precluded going to the aikido seminar with Mary Heiny, which was a great disappointment: she's a wonderful and inspiring sensei, and demonstrates techniques quite differently from our local instructors, being short and wide, and also not being terribly young. To top that off, the car wouldn't start, so we had to (slightly) rearrange the schedule for soul_diaspora's birthday dinner at my parents'.

By Sunday, though, I was feeling quite a bit better, although still not up to practicing aikido: dehydration is a problem when the digestive system is upset, and it takes time to restore proper balance. I would probably have lasted about half an hour, and then started fading out. As it is, I'll probably practice tonight, taking it a bit easy. soul_diaspora and I took it easy yesterday, gaming, going out for dinner (the car started: seems it was just the killer combo of humidity and cold on Saturday), and generally taking couple time.

All in all, not perfect, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. It's nice to finally see the sun today, though!
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