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New Music

This week's haul:
  • BeaT Buzz--Trance-V: Meh. It sounded good in the store, but upon closer examination, this is pretty ordinary. Still, Elios by Inflexion is a very good (and long) track, so the disk isn't a write-off.
  • De-Phazz--Plastic Love Memory: A very nice collection of remixes and rarities, with a relaxed, upbeat flavor and lots of variety. Probably my favorite of the lot (at least, out of the gate), especially the bonus tracks. Just one problem: The Mambo Craze has a way of getting stuck in one's head.
  • Evanescence--The Open Door: Okay, even I buy things that you've heard on the radio; in the case of Call Me When You're Sober, maybe too often on the radio, for all that it's a good song. There are quite a few other songs on the album that deserve attention; personally, I'm fond of the slower tracks, but their hard stuff is well done too, and not so unmitigatedly negative that I can't connect to it (I am, as I may have mentioned, a generally pretty happy kind of guy).
  • green isac--groundrush: A Norwegian pair doing mostly Mid-East-flavoured electronica sound odd, but works well. The fact that it was reclassified at the shop from "electronica" to "international" gives an idea of what it's about. Some non-electronic instruments and guest musicians, and some synths and loops go into the mix, and when it's done, it comes out sounding like a cross between world beat and goa, and is probably influenced by suomisaundi (Finnish psy-trance). It is not, however, "dance" music in the usual sense of trance: the BPM is not high, and there is no "thump, thump, thump, thump" kick drum running through it. Good stuff to meditate or write to, I think.
  • DJ Krush-- jaku: DJ Krush is a Japanese turntablist and hip-hop pioneer. The title kanji's simple translation is "loneliness," but "solitude" is part of it. The album is very wide-ranging, and includes collaborations with numerous other artists. There's a lot of dark jazz (think Amon Tobin without the fast and complicated beat patterns), but even in its hip-hop and nu-metal moments, the mood expressed by the album's title comes through. This is probably the best album of the set from an artistic point of view, and will probably continue to grow on me.
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