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New Music

Okay, original content. At least a little bit.
  • Various Artists--rU receiving: A mix CD from 1997, this has a distinct direction as it evolves, starting in the Portishead and ending in the Prodigy. In other words, it gains speed and energy as it goes, although it's never really ambient. ms_danson might well like this one, especially once it really picks up the pace. There are some classics on here, but thankfully not all of them are in the over-anthologized versions: for example, The Orb's Toxygene shows up, but instead of the usual version, this is the Way Out West Begbe mix. (Did they mean Begbie from Trainspotting, Begbe, the "populated place" in Togo, the Begbe police station in Papua New Guinea, or something else, I wonder?) Darkish, overall, but energetic.
  • DJ Sammy--The Rise: Straight-up dance/trance with a very hopeful, optimistic feel. Of note is the track Rise Again, which is the theme from the movie It's All Gone Pete Tong that didn't show up on the soundtrack CD set. Lots of that female vocal thing going on throughout, à la classic late 90's trance, even though this is a 2005 disc. I think my favorite track may be Time Will Show, for all that it might be considered a bit hokey by the "in" crowd.
  • Sharam--Global Underground 29: Dubai: If the last disc was too candy for u, this is the antidote. Sharam is one half of Deep Dish, whose sets have a very solid, dark sound. This and the following GU release are chances for the two members (the other one is Dubfire) to do their own thing entirely, and this CD set takes us to the United Arab Emirates, a very modernist Arab country, from all accounts. The selection of tracks is eclectic and original, completely cheese-free: I don't think I have a single track out of the 27 anywhere else.
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