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Big honkin' post full of pics ganked from dashing. Comments added by moi.

Pics are mostly, but not all, work-safe.

Neat... looks like a cool place for a hot day.


That's a big, big pile.

My fish! My fish!

Absenteeism down; workplace accidents up.

You know it's why livejournal is so popular!

Martial arts baseball:

I've heard of these glacier rivers, but that's cool. (In both senses.)

Okay, okay, you can drive!

After the accident, Jason and Fred vowed that they would never drive without taillights again.

Novel solution!

Another novel idea.

Look closely!

Very... attentive sculptor:

I think he'd approve!

I hope this isn't grocery shopping.

No, you aren't imagining it, the world really is going down the drain.

There's always someone who has to be the last...

Fortunately, I didn't have to do this while I was in the Reserves.

Wonder what the horsepower rating is?

The princess and the pea, after the stock market crash:

Yoda mighty is, but no match for Ginger yet!

Now that's sport car racing!

Elves, with Grinch.

Again, I wonder what the horsepower rating is?

Even in rush hour, traffic over Inukshuk Bridge was relatively light.

Well-raised dog:

Good news! You won the competition! I SAID, YOU WON!

We're still not issuing enough tickets! Add another sign!

The power!

The price!

Muffy, owner, found dead; murder-suicide suspected.

Rise of the Ostritch: we're taking our heads out of the sand, and we're not happy!

Escher won.

The Two Lumps caption is way too easy to find here:

But where's the nipple?

So. Cool.

Hello, Mr. Movie Poster Designer? Yeah, Brokeback Mountain is about two, space, cowboys, no space, not about two, space, cow, space, boys!

They won't be laughing so hard when they find out that he's the all-time world cannonball champion!

For dracodraconis:

Just add a sign: "Or else!"

Transit fleet reductions proceed ahead of schedule.

Well, something funny is going on...

Did I mention, Escher won?

Remember that guy way back at the top of this post? We'd like to file a complaint...

Wilma's new kitchen.

Well, he's obviously not compensating...

Snow ahead.

Stock up and save!

I want this one!

Eeek... I'm usually not bad about heights, but...

more here.

*Hits "Preview" button*
Oooookay, that's probably enough for one post...
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