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More pictures

Still from dashing's lj, a fruitful source, with personally added snark. Once again, mostly but not all work-safe.

The Shirt Festival was the high point of the year in Elbonia.

Liberated from their shirts, the Elbonians bathe.

Hello, Insurance Company? Yeah, about that tornado...

"Heh-heh-heh-heh!" "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!"

I'd climb it, if you climb the opposite side at the same time...

I want this guy's bike for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The Firefighters' Union had the best negotiator the town had ever seen.

Via Rail is stepping up their push on marketing to the single male commuter segment.


Baah rule, mon!

...and a risk of frost in low-lying areas.

For torrain and theweaselking. May your wedding and reception be occasions of joy for all.

"Hey, Doug. Yeah, about that. Well, maybe we should've gone with Helen's idea of loading the middle first, and work out towards the sides. How can I put this..."

In the town where bike messengers come from:

I'm sorry, warden, I didn't realize there was a season!

Dave's mother-in-law was nothing if not persistent.

Bored now!

Okay, time to do smething else now! Shoo! Shoo!
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