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Boardgames at my place, next Sunday (25 March), starting 1 PM and continuing until whenever.

If you aren't sure where "my place" is, ask and I'll let you know. Comments are screened in case you want to leave me an e-mail address or phone number for this; other comments will be descreened unless you indicate otherwise. Also, if you want directions, indicate whether you're coming by bus or by car.

RSVP, and if you're bringing friends, tell me who and how many; also, if you expect to arrive after 1:30, let me know.

Yes, this is a somewhat wide net... so far as I know, I don't have any sworn enemies reading my LJ, so it should all be good. Ninjas reading this and showing up get dibs on the black pieces so long as they remain unseen, but may have to fight each other for them.
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