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First post--job etc.

So I've just about survived my first week of "real work" in many years.

I've resigned from Ellistar and acceped a position at Nanometrics, and it feels good to be drawing a reliable paycheck. Nanometrics sells seismographic (earthquake-monitoring) systems, covering all the bases from the sensors themselves up to the data netorks.

Despite many years of engineering, my job title is "R&D Scientist." What this means is that I try to solve problems and create new designs, working from fundamental principles. My first assignment is with a group working on increasing the sensitivity of a new long-period (120 s, or about 0.008 Hz) seismometer.

I like it here. nmx is a fast-moving, medium-sized (not yet 100 people) company. How fast-moving? After about 1 hour for set-up admin work, I was right into the analysis of the latest experimental results. Good group of people: communication is very open between technicians, engineers and managers, and I haven't found any dum-dums working here.

So what about my thesis, you may ask? Well, I'm still part-time, and nmx wants me to finish it soon, i.e. the end of the year. So I have an incentive, which is good: without some kind of pressure, it would be really easy to let this slide indefinitely.

The hardest part of the whole thing has been leaving Ellistar behind, but that's what I had to do: we need a bit more stability, and dividing my time between nmx and Ellistar wouldn't work well for anyone. Fortunately, my boss at Ellistar is understanding of this, and we are parting on good terms.

I should get back to work... I have some notation to clean up in a summary of my first pseudo-major idea. We'll see how well I keep up with this journal thing!
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