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Weekend notes

Gaming Saturday was excellent, with a hefty turnout: 13 of us at peak, 3 tables going, and a very wide variety of games (Fluxx, Crokinole, Age of Empires III, Java, Finstere Flure (Fearsome Floors), Wits and Wagers, Ra, and Go) being played.

Saturday dinner was excellent as well, with S. and I being overly self-indulgent and going to Friday's, a magnificent steakhouse on Elgin Street. The thing about such places is that not only are the main courses wonderful, but everything is fantastic, and it makes for a deeply, richly enjoyable evening. Our only complaint, and a very mild complaint it is, is that the maitre d' is a tad on the unctuous side. (The waitstaff, however, is attentive, tactful and friendly.) I am looking forward to S. getting her G2 driver's license, since she doesn't generally drink alcohol anyway; as it was, we took the bus. Fortunately, given the location and the weather, this was no great hardship.

Then S. and I went walking and birding at Mer Bleue bog Sunday morning. We saw a baby beaver, and caught a glimpse of what we're pretty sure was a Scarlet Tanager near the Northern edge of its range, based on its song and what we could see of it as it flew off. (It had been hiding in the top of a fairly dense tree.) Also, I got a bit of a sunburn about the neck and forehead, but that's just a sign of summer for us fair-skinned types.

Sunday afternoon was the Bugs Bunny Film Festival at the Bytowne, and much fun was had watching the silly. My only complaint is that they had the volume up somewhat too far. I'd seen many of the episodes before, but not all of them by any means, and even those I had seen had often been edited down. Now I want to run a Toon game again!

And now, back to work... new music post coming soon! (Global Underground Afterhours, Grid, Bonobo, Rjd2, and a Digweed mix)
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