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So, the circuit board design at work has finally been released, just in time for my vacation. The past couple of weeks have been at the very least hectic, but I think it's an awesome design now. We caught a couple of mechanical interferences (engineering-speak for "wouldn't fit in the f'ing box") at the last minute, but happily, the fixes were pretty manageable. We went through lots and lots of iterations of "compare this to the previous version in detail to make sure that only and exactly the changes we intended to make were made," sometimes detecting interesting surprises injected by the software. Now it's production's ball to run with, with prodding by the project manager; halelujah!

I'll be afk for the next few days en route to Virginia, then online sporadically for a few days, then gone again for a week plus while on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Other news: Carleton has implemented a somewhat pain-in-the-ass meeting requirement for part-time grad students on very short notice, so I met with my supervisor yesterday. The good news is, he's cool with where I'm at and going. The bad news is, I'm having a slight bitch of a time getting my mechanical resonators to do what I want them to.

Also, my former startup continues to fade: despite the CPR being administered by the president, the corpse is, in my opinion, starting to smell.

So, off for 2.5 weeks of doing not too much! I figure I'll get through about 12 to 20 books, given that we're driving both ways. I was going to buy a stash here, until I looked at the cover prices, thought about the Canadian dollar being over 0.93 US and climbing, and figured I'd be better off buying books down there.

Wish me luck: I'm off to the land of the free, from which I will hopefully return on schedule and not by way of Gitmo, Iraq, Syria or other "interesting" way station!
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