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Extravert time!

The weekend has been quite enjoyable thus far. Friday, we got the computer back (fan troubles fixed now), then S. and I went to jagash's place for dinner and conversation. He constructed a very nice greens and veggies salad and a good (and filling!) family favorite entitled pirogie casserole; we provided dessert in the form of a cake from Le Moulin de Provence, a pretty good bakery down in the Market. Sadly, oni_neko couldn't make it, but hopefully she can when we reciprocate.

Yesterday, S. went birding in the early morning and I met up with torrain for coffee and more conversation, and went back with her to see theweaselking. Much lit and sociological geekage, with me doing more listening than talking (yes, this happens sometimes!), since torrain is pretty widely- and well-read.

After that, I raced off to the dojo, where E.N. and I had set up a rendezvous so that I could help her work on rolls and falls, but nobody with keys came, so we ended up talking instead. This was generally OK, although I would have liked to do some practice since I skipped Friday in order to recover from a minor injury from Thursday's class (stupid toenail!) and to fetch the computer. She's an engineer too, so describing the theory of the rolls from that point of view will hopefully help her direct her own practice. Of course, that's not all we discussed, but it at least made us feel like we'd done something aikido-related!

In the evening, I headed off to join my parents, aunt and uncle for supper, drinks, and sundry discussion, including some pretty heavy-duty religious/spiritual/metaphysical stuff. After dinner, we popped a bottle of Dubois Brut Nature, of which my parents had just received a small case through the Opimian Society, and lo, I find it very nice. It's technically not a Champagne, being Argentinian, but it's a sparkling white. I don't know the bottle price, but I quite liked it; it had a gentler nose than many sparkling wines, and a very light, mouth-filling texture. I'm not able to give full tasting notes; that might be for the best, really!

Today will involve gaming in the afternoon, and who-knows-what mischief in the evening. Despite there being two RPGs running in conflict, I've managed to secure enough players for decent boardgaming to take place, so I'm a happy camper. Plus, I'll get the Star Wars RPG mainbook from nightstriker today so that I can start friming up my character for ancalagon_tb's game starting Tuesday.
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