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Looking up; music

Things go better when I plan them, rather than letting them happen to me. No surprise, really, but it's amazingly easy to let events run away with me.

My life is going pretty smoothly, all things considered. Not that there aren't any problems, but they're in perspective, and so I'm not stressing out about them as much.

Recent CD acquisitions:

Central Reservation, by Beth Orton, is a lot folkier than most of what I listen to. I got to know her through her vocals for electronica tracks such as "Yesterday's Gone" (with William Orbit). She has an expressive voice, and her melodies are interesting. Think Sarah McLachlan, UK edition. The mood is wistful, but generally uplifting, so it suits where I am right now.

Hybrid Theory, by Linkin Park, is also outside my usual range. ms_danson introduced me to them, and I liked their style enough to buy a CD when I found it at my usual used disc shop. They have a heavier, more hard-rocking sound than just about anything else I've bought recently, although Collective Soul does come to mind as a comparison. The music has a lot of variation, and they write interesting lyrics. Dark, but interesting: they seem to bring out into the open the little voices that sometimes hide in unswept psychic corners, and in doing so, make it a bit easier to deal with them.
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