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Week, weekend

Much excitement around manufacturing. I think there's a fundamental mismatch between engineers, who write careful and detailed instructions on how things are to be done, and technicians, who already know how most things should be done and so don't read said instructions. Sadly, this doesn't work very well, because the engineers are often doing something "clever" which requires deviations from the usual practice, and which the unsuspecting technicians won't notice without reading the documents. So, much of my week was spent fretting about what an external manufacturer was or was not doing, and when it would be finished. I think I succeeded in causing them to actually read the instructions, but I don't have a date on when they'll be done; this probably counts as a tie game.

Speaking of games, I played a vast number of them over at dagibbs' on Saturday, where I also met a few other folks (welcome!). An intriguing phenomenon arose: I brought a few games, of which two, Elfenland and Alhambra, were played; I placed fourth and third of five, respectively. I also learned a couple of new games, Saint Petersburg (which I plan to buy) and The Bridges of Shangri-La, and won both of those. Other games were split, with me winning a few and losing a few.

Sunday was the company summer party, which was held at Calabogie Peaks Resort. The weather was perfect, the drive was beautiful, and the party was quite a few notches above the typical work-sponsored event. Just about all activities at the resort (except downhill biking) were free for us, as was food and drink (except alcohol, although we could buy our own). Food was pretty good; we had pre-registered our choices, so it kept waste to a minimum. After lunch, I went up the skyride with S. and then parted ways with her, coming right back down and enjoying the really gorgeous views and breezes, then going to play flog golf on the 9-hole course with, as things turned out, my boss and his daughter (who was playing for her first time, and is another lefty). S. not being a golfer (whell, neither am I, but I enjoy making a hash of it anyway), she went hiking, and then spent some time on the climbing wall there. By the time we were done, it was getting near suppertime, and S. had come to find us; we were going pretty slowly, especially with other duffers clogging the course. We had also paused while an air ambulance was arriving; it seems someone injured themselves (not sure of the details) on one of the downhill bike runs. Of course, being me, I acquired somewhat of a sunburn; I think it's about the only way I could say that my golfing experience even approached par.

Today, I spent (hopefully) recovering from a cold that has been stalking me for a while; I figure I'll likely make it to work and to ancalagon_tb's RPG tomorrow, assuming I get off the computer and get to sleep!
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