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US Military

Amplifying a signal from commodorified and iclysdale.

US military personnel wishing to quit the service and seek asylum in Canada for reasons of conscience have a support network here in Canada: The US government, for obvious reasons, does not want their military personnel to know about this, so spreading the word is one of the best things we can do.

As a former reservist, I repost this in the full awareness that this is a very serious measure. Desertion--because make no mistake, that's what's being encouraged here--is a serious offense in any armed force. I support it here because for some of the United States' servicewomen and servicemen, the alternatives are worse: to follow orders that they (and I) sincerely and deeply believe are illegal and unethical, or to be ostracized, punished or even physically endangered for disobeying those orders. Canada, as a nation, has stated its objections to this war, and has refused to participate in it as a belligerent. I believe that we have a duty to support those who, confronted with that same choice as individuals, agree with us.

If you agree, please support this effort by spreading the word, in the hope that it will reach its intended audience of US military personnel through the grapevine. You can, of course, also provide financial and political support; details on how to do this are available at

[ETA: Also, I've printed the petition and written a letter based on their suggested template to my MP and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.]
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