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Bulk order at Fandom II

The Carleton U. Strategy Club is "go" for a bulk order at Fandom II; the pickup date will be Friday November 3rd. If there's anything there that you would like to buy there, this is a prime opportunity: we will have a 20% discount if the total is between $1000 and $2000, and a 25% discount if it's at or above $2000. (The list is already over $500, I think.) Anything they sell or can order and have arrive in time is eligible.

I would like to have money from people a week earlier (Fri. 26 Oct.), and last preorders a week before that (Fri. 19 Oct.). You can come on the day of the pickup (this will happen at about 6 p.m.) and add anything they have in stock to the order at the last minute, but you will have to bring cash for it (no last-minute cheques).

feli_valkyria, your Ankh is on order; the odds aren't good because distributors aren't keen on carrying the WW jewelry etc., but nothing ventured, nothing gained. ancalagon_tb, your copy of the Hero main book will hopefully go into the box this weekend; I'll let you know about the price.
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