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A few random observations from recent birding expeditions:
  • Still not sure what that little duck way out on the Ottawa River was. Female blue- or green-winged teal? Maybe, maybe not.
  • Waterfowl have a sixth sense telling them which way to turn to hide characteristic field marks.
  • Hooded Mergansers are neat, somewhat funny-looking birds.
  • The male Wood Ducks are out of eclipse, and beautiful. So are the Mallards, but they're more familiar.
  • Cormorants drying their wings look somewhere between majestic and silly.
  • Nuthatches can perch and walk on any wooden surface in any orientation.
  • A spotting scope would be right handy sometimes.
  • The chickadees at Mud Lake (Brittania) have no fear. One was trying to perch on my hat. Persistently.
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