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Life update

As promised, a big update!

So what's new?

Work: I still can't tell y'all what I'm working on, since the product announcement has been pushed back again. Software is late, slow, hard, and crucial; hardware is mostly done, but as new software appears, occasional new bugs are revealed in the hardware, which is stressful: even though software is late, we probably don't have time for another full spin of the hardware, and we really don't want the extra expense. In many ways, the product is My Baby at this point, although my grasp of the software, especially the higher-level stuff, is a bit dicey. It's very cool in some ways, but the details that need taking care of are uncountable.

Social: December is shaping up to be a socially active month. S. will be away for a week plus in there, my parents will be away at Christmastime, and I'm taking a sabbatical from aikido, so I'll have quite a bit of time available; if you're interested in getting together, let me know!

Games: Yesterday's games went well, and had an unprecedented event: there was at most one each of Mike, Dave, and Chris, but two Donnas. 5 of us (dagibbs, iclysdale, donnav, J.M. and I) played Notre Dame (dagibbs edged out donnav for the win) while S. and Donna B. played Scrabble (Donna won), then I took over from S. and played a couple more games of Scrabble with Donna B. (Donna won the first, I won the second) while S. went to bed and the other 4 played Santa Fe Rails (iclysdale won, I think). I really want to get a game of Long Live the King together sometime early in the new year; dagibbs made some sounds which gave me some hope that he might be willing to host it, since it needs a profusion of rooms, being a live-action strategy game with lots of intrigue. Please?

Music: I keep coming back to this DJ thing, and wanting to do it; the big obstacles are a) time to do the necessary preparatory work, and b) promotion. Turns out, people want a DJ just fine, until money comes into the picture. Sadly, music, equipment and licensing don't come cheap, and while I don't need to make a living on spinning (see "Work" section above), I would like my expenses to be at least partially covered. Frankly, I also like the respect of having the value of what I do recognized: I put my money in the jar when I go to a reading or a show or whatever because it's worth what I'm paying, and refusing to pay would be equivalent to saying that their art isn't worth anything to me. Amount matters a lot less than intent in this: for students, giving up a few bucks can be a big deal, where dropping 20 or 50 can be trivial for someone with a substantial, steady income.

Thesis: Well, it had to get mentioned sometime. I have equipment arriving Real Soon Now(tm), and I even have my supervisor's word that he'll reimburse me for the $1500 I've spent on stuff; now I just have to get invoices etc. together and send them in for claim! Once the equipment arrives, of course, I won't have any excuse for not working on it...

Miscellaneous: Recent events, discussions, and communication snafus have caused me to start rethinking about the separation I maintain between my public "work" identity and my personal interests. (Yes, this is vague: it's an LJ post being written at work, and therefore is somewhat public, q.v.!) It rather upsets me that I believe I need to retain that separation, and I think it's limited a few relationships. People may be reluctant to ask, even privately, about things I don't volunteer information about; I'm wondering whether I should take the risks inherent in being more proactive.

Well, there you have it: an update. I can now die happy and fulfilled. Or get back to work; same thing, kinda.

ETA: And, of course, the discussion in comments is all about setting up a Long Live the King game, about which I asked some weeks ago and got no reply! Wisely has it been said that there is no knowing what answer will come out of the mists of LJland.
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