ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

Happy New Year!


New Year's.


Many thanks again to our hosts last night; it was truly a fantastic party.

This morning's aikido practice, my first in over a month, was also excellent, thanks to our instructor and the few others who came out.1 Brunch afterwards was ravenously devoured by all... 108 iterations of a technique doesn't sound like that many, but if one gets a good pace going, it can be pretty intense.

So between last night and this morning, I'm floating pretty wonderfully right now.

And now, I go to nurse my wounds, and get a bit more sleep... Happy New Year, all!

1: For the record, our technique this year was tsuki kokyunage ura, entering with an irimi outside the strike, guiding it along with the lead hand and delivering an atemi judan with the back hand, then tenkan, bringing uke down with the atemi hand on the neck or shoulder, and throwing through uke's hip or arm, similarly to kaitennage.
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