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Christmas holiday, overall

Well, the Christmas holidays, and December in general, were excellent.

At work, we finished a number of things in the nick of time before the holidays, finishing the year with a somewhat clean slate: the alpha test of my product began smoothly, and a substantial package of documents was approved for production release.

Family obligations were relatively light, since my parents had expected to be out of town and we'd done the formal celebrations a couple of weeks early. Thus, we spent a bit of time there, but not so much that anyone was quietly (or non-quietly) fed up of the whole thing. Went to the late-evening Christmas Vigil, and was glad I did: our pastor's homily was a quite deep examination of a fairly basic point, starting from exegesis and theology as is his wont. (My next reflection will likely be in February, on the Transfiguration.)

Friends time was good: I was social about every second day, so we got to see quite a few people, although sadly not everyone. New Year's Eve was a scheduling crunch that we had to decide one, and only one, way, so we missed out on seeing trippingpossum, queenie_writes and company, a lack that will surely have to be made up soon. The party we did end up at, as mentioned in a previous post, was teh awesome, for a whole bunch of reasons that I won't go into here in lj-land.

Downtime. It's something too few people seem to schedule in over the holidays, and something that I greatly appreciated providing for myself. This may have been the most restful Christmas vacation I've had since school days. S. and I had a good amount of time to ourselves and to each other, and the value of that is hard to overestimate.

I'm back to aikido now, having started back with a bang at the traditional New Year's practice; my body's sore, but it's a good soreness. I've missed it, and that's a good sign for my long-term practice. Speaking of which... I must be off, but at least I've made a real update!
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