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Social time tonight?

I'm actively looking for folks to do dinner/coffee/movie/game/whatever with this evening1; if you're interested and available, reply here2 or e-mail me.

My default plan is to go to aikido, from which I will emerge at about 7:20, near Bank St. and the Queensway, sans car. Plans which involve dinner after that are preferred. I can be talked out of aikido if it must be so, and it's also possible to pick up the car3 if it would facilitate matters. I want to get home before midnight, since I work tomorrow, but aside from that, I'm pretty wide-open.

1: S. is out of commission, and wants the apartment to herself this evening.
2: Comments screened so contact info can be exchanged; comments without contact info will be unscreened unless otherwise requested.
3: Picking up the car wouldn't disturb S., but would require getting to the apartment building.
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