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Gaming stuff

Two items:

1: The Carleton U. Strategy Club is doing another bulk order at Fandom II. If there's anything you want to buy there, this is a good chance to get a discount; you can buy things on the order through me if you want. Interested? Let me know!

2: My RoboRally board for CanGames is printed (after some fiddly conversions: CorelDraw is wonderful for some things, but our old printer Just Can't Handle the big vector files), but not yet assembled. It's bigger than usual this year, being 21x21 instead of my usual 15x15; this is because robots will be moving faster than usual. The title this year is Robots! In! Spaaaace!; make of that what you will. There will be a playtest, probably next month; date to be announced once I have a reasonable plan for how to do the assembly work before the thaw.
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