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New Music

Yes, I am still buying stuff, but not as fast, since I'm buying mostly new. My buddy is still passing me stuff, though, so you'll hear about some of that too in future posts.

Here's the disc I didn't buy (with preview links for the tracks I liked!):

Air--Late Night Tales: This is a compilation with a few tracks I actively dislike (there's a certain kind of Paris house that rubs me the wrong way), a bunch of downtempo tracks that are okay, and a few offbeat gems. The gems, which are worth chasing down on their own, are: Sadly, four good tracks wasn't enough to justify the departure of a crisp new twenty-dollar bill. Air are a group that has made some wonderful original work, and I can distinctly hear the roots of their sound in these tracks; just like I don't like everything they do, though, I don't like everything they like.

The two I bought are rather harder:

Ferry Corsten--L.E.F. (American edition): "L.E.F." stands for "Loud, Electronic, Ferocious" and it fits. This is unabashedly very electronic trance, by and large. I picked it out because a while back, I went to hear his set at Surface, and enjoyed the evening; like many DJ's, he's now striking out and doing more original work. This disc has some hits and a few tracks that are, in my view, a bit much. The bonus track on the American edition, "Prison Break Theme" (Breakout Mix) (with Ramin Djawad) (you can hear the whole thing: track 13 in the linked page), has found its way into a mix project I'm working on (I remixed it to extend the duration, because the original is less than 4 minutes long); "Galaxia" is probably the best track on the disc.

ATB--The DJ: In The Mix 3: An excellent two-disc set at a very good price. This guy gets trance, as his ranking shows; surprisingly, this is the first mix CD of his I find. Full, spacious sounds with lots of nice melodic lines and substantial variety through the mix. My favorite new track is (as is so often the case) the last one on disc 2: Funabashi's "Daylight" (you can hear the whole track).
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