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...and awaaaaay!

Well, I've been initiated on my new project. My old project is winding down, so I'll be spending progressively less time on it over the next few weeks, leaving it mostly in the hands of a senior technologist; I went to my first meeting for my next one this morning.

The new project is the development of a relatively simple product on an "accelerated" schedule, largely through external contractors. My boss, now a VP, has been handling it up 'til now, and since he has quite a few other things on the go, is too busy to give it the attention it needs, so I'm being called in to take over the lead on it. It's a neat little product, and I'll be able to talk about it a bit more as of next month, unlike my old project, a product which will only be announced this summer.

The upside is that I'll be quite engaged and excited at work for a good while; the downside is, of course, that I'll have less time and energy to hang around here on LJ and elsewhere, although my Tuesdays are going to be a bit more available; details in a forthcoming post.

And, one last little note: one of the contractors is a fellow I worked with and learned a good deal from over a dozen years ago... this is a small, small world!
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