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Apologies, and life

This phoenix has been insanely busy at work, and therefore largely unresponsive here; please understand that I don't mean any offense by it, and I am still valiantly trying to keep on top of at least skimming posts by actual humans whom I know. My new product has been announced, so we are very much under the gun to actually produce the thing, and the schedule targets are, to say the least, ambitious. It has also been made clear to me that I am being judged on my work intensity and on my ability to meet, or at least come very close to meeting, these targets, so I'm feeling a bit pressured. Another week or so, and things might be a bit saner, but even so, it'll be fairly stressful for me until the fall, I'm guessing.

On top of that, I'm sharing a reflection at this weekend's Masses, and it's still not completely written. It's complicated by the fact that I've been asked to address the subject of Earth Day, but the readings are the standard ones for the week; linking all this together requires extra effort and research. (Currently, it's way too heavily footnote-laden, so I'll have to cut back on the quotations, but they are interesting!)

On another front, I'm finally getting to play Long Live the King this weekend! It's a pretty substantial undertaking, and a rather unique game; I hope we all find that it fulfills its promise of being interesting and enjoyable.
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