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Cangames and other recent events

Well, I took some positive time off last weekend, and am feeling somewhat refreshed thereby.

CanGames occupied Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My RoboRally games went very well; I had 11 players for the first running, and 12 for the second, and the durations were almost exactly right. I always appreciate the players' enjoyment of the chaos and carnage which accompany my games. The only trouble is that I come out so wired that I can't sleep until around 2 or 3 AM, and then have to get up at 7 the next morning for more gaming! The crowd was good; there were distinctly more people with Lives(tm) than in many previous years, probably due to two factors: first, there is more provision for children at CanGames than there used to be, so the married w. kids contingent comes out; and second, the really antisocial elements play on computers and avoid face-to-face interaction.

I also saw Revenge of the Sith. I enjoyed the movie a lot, particularly Palpatine's character; Lucas should be forcibly restrained from writing dialogue, though.

My in-laws are visiting this week, so after CanGames, I've been doing the social thing with them, going to museums, the casino, restaurants, my parents' place, etc. They'll be here until Monday, so this weekend promises more such activity. I'll also be meeting with ms_danson to talk about a new character for the RPG.

Next weekend is looking active too: there is an aikido seminar with Claude Berthiaume, Shihan, so I'll be spending much of Saturday there.

Even for an extravert, this is a lot of concentrated social time; fortunately, I'm currently up to it. There will be quieter time in a month or so, when I go on vacation to the Outer Banks.
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