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Looking up

Well, I've handed off a spec for a rewrite of a shaky chunk of signal processing code, and hopefully that will put out the fire I'm dealing with here at work. I'm not sure though... I have this feeling that there's something else going on as well. We'll see soon enough, I guess... and for now, I have a few minutes to sit and think and nibble... and write stuff like ths post.

I seem to be finding a good schedule system: come in in the morning with ideas and write them up, hand them off, take the early afternoon for thinking and general bits and pieces, and get new useful information and assignments in the late afternoon. It seems to work, so long as I can get out of here on time for appointments, aikido, etc. Arriving early isn't too bad, but staying late on days hen I have other intentions annoys me.

My grandfather made it known where he worked that he would be there for a meeting called as early as people wanted in the morning, but at 5:00, he was leaving, even if it was in the middle of a meeting. I'm not quite that draconian (stupid manners!), but I sure want to sometimes.
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