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Life? Is awesome.

The past weeks have been extraordinarily intense, and mostly in a good way. Work is busy, of course, but it's much bigger, and better, than that.

soul_diaspora and I have been exploring new sides of ourselves and our relationship, and that's been terrific. She's leaping out in several directions at once, including LJ-land (although I think most of her stuff is still flocked). I've had more new experiences, spiritual and otherwise, in the past few months than in any similar period over the preceding 5 years.

I'm realizing now that since terminating the PhD, I am showing a lot less signs of stress, and that's coming out in a very intense social life. To you folks I've been spending time with over the past few weeks, thank you! It's been amazing, and shows promise of keeping on in that vein. (I'm running out of synonyms for "great" here...)

(Also, to you folks I haven't been spending that time with: poke me if you want me to spend time with you; I certainly don't mean to leave anyone out. I've simply been following somewhat of a path of least resistance, and spending time with the people who make it plain that they want to spend time with me, and participate in creating opportunities to do so.)

Yes, I know I'm not being long on specifics here; I may put up a flocked/filtered post with more details, though. (The fact that that's the case may give the curious some clues, but if you don't already know, you'll likely have to ask!) One thing I'm actively working on is being more open and sharing more personal things about myself, so that would be a part of it. It's something I've been a bit reluctant about until now, and a number of events and people lately have synchronistically led me towards breaking out of that habit. I think it's a coping strategy that has outlived its usefulness, since I don't have to be quite as terrified of hurting the people around me with my wants and needs as I once did (or thought I did, at any rate).

Again, to all of you who've been close to me and to soul_diaspora over the recent little while, thank you again, very much. (If you have to wonder to yourself whether you're included in that group, then you probably are. If you are soul_diaspora, then you're at the heart of that group!) It's not often that I've felt this happy and at ease, and a lot of it is due to you.
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