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Started playing poker every few weeks with folks from work... the difference between my boss and I can be summed up in the jokes about how well he would fit in. He's a brilliant professional manager, but keeps so much distance between himself and others and drives people hard enough that he will never fit in socially. I don't think he wants to fit in that way. Not my way of doing things... but it makes me wonder whether I'll reach a level where I have to make a choice between leaving, doing poorly, or changing in ways that I don't think I want.

The poker itself is going well... the other players are starting to settle into the game, and will probably become more skilled quickly with practice. So far, I'm ahead on money, but since we're only playing nickel-ante, quarter-fifty, it's only in the beer money category. Which is for the best... I want to continue playing, and cleaning people out is hardly a good way to ensure that!
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