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Party Saturday

So I went to a great party Saturday night (when I see the sunrise on my way home, that's a sign I was having fun!), and was (very loosely) spinning some tunes, mostly just letting mix discs run. There will likely be more such parties, and I want to encourage the attendees to request music or bring some for me to play. If you have thoughts on such, replying here is a good way to get them to me; comments are screened, but I'll unscreen things if you say I can.

Below the cut is my list of the CDs I brought with me last might. Things I recall playing are bolded, but I haven't done a tracklist, of course! This list may give you ideas on what you'd like to hear at the next event, or even suggest things you'd like to borrow or buy.

Single Artist Stuff:
C.J. Bolland--Electronic Highway
The Chemical Brothers--Dig Your Own Hole
Darude--Before the Storm
______--Semantic Spaces
______--Odyssey: The Remix Collection
Depeche Mode--Violator
______--Songs of Faith and Devotion
______--Walking in my Shoes (single)
______--World in my Eyes (single)
______--Policy of Truth (single)
______--Only When I Lose Myself (single)
Dum Dum Project--Desi Vibes
Empyrion--Advanced Technology
Enigma--M C M X C a.D. (with bonus remixes)
______--The Cross of Changes
______--Le Roi Est Mort, Vive le Roi
______--The Screen Behind the Mirror
______--LoveSensualityDevotion: The Remix Collection
Era--The Mass
The Future Sound of London--Jumpin' & Pumpin': Accelerator
Bob Holroyd--A Different Space
Lesiem--Mystic Spirit Voices
Hugh de Courson--Lux Obscura: Un Projet Electro-Mediéval
______--Play: The B Sides
______--(other selections)
Nataraj XT--Tandava
Patrick O'Hearn--Eldorado
Orbital--The Middle of Nowhere
______--The Altogether (with bonus disc)
______--The Blue Album
Tangerine Dream--Dream Mixes 1
Paul van Dyk--Seven Ways
______--Out There and Back

Mixes and Compilations:
Armin van Buuren--A State of Trance 2006
______--A State of Trance 2007
______--Universal Religion 2008
Tiësto--In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama
______--In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza
Plastic Compilation 1
Plastic Compilation 4
Plastic Compilation 6
Lange & Plastic Angel--A Trip in Trance 3
Rank 1--A Trip in Trance 4
Hed Kandi--Twisted Disco 02.04
MuchMusic--rU receiving
URB--Urbal Beats: The Definitive Guide to Electronic Music
______--Logic Trance 2
Electropolis Vol. 1
Plugged in Electronica
Elektronika II
Nick Warren & Danny Howells--Renaissaince: Revelation
John Digweed--Renaissance: Transitions Vol. 2
Dave Seaman & Phil K--Renaissance presents: The Therapy Sessions
Slinky Factor 3
Slinky presents SuperclubDJ's: John Kelly
Slinky presents SuperclubDJ's: Guy Ornadel
Tiga & Ajax--Inthemix.05
ATB--The DJ in the Mix 3
DJ Micro--Tech Mix 2000
Mark Oliver--Timeless Trance
Paul van Dyk--The Politics of Dancing
Chris Sheppard--Euphoria 2: Deep, Dark & Underground
Massive Trance (selections)
Essential Trance 2
John Digweed--MMII
Paul Oakenfold--Perfecto Presents Another World
Trance Anthems
Steve Lawler--Lights Out 3
Future: A Journey Through the Electronic Underground
Hybrid Present Y4K
Paul Oakenfold--Global Underground: Live in Oslo
______--Global Underground 002: New York
Sasha--Global Underground 003: San Francisco
Nick Warren--Global Underground 008: Brazil
Sasha--Global Underground 013: Ibiza
Nick Warren--Global Underground 018: Amsterdam
Deep Dish--Global Underground 021: Moscow
James Lavelle--Global Underground 023: Barcelona
Deep Dish--Global Underground 025: Toronto
James Lavelle--Global Underground 026: Romania
Danny Howells--Global Underground 027: Miami
Nick Warren--Global Underground 028: Shanghai
Sharam--Global Underground 029: Dubai
Nick Warren--Global Underground 030: Paris
Seb Fontaine--Global Underground: Prototypes 1 & 2 (CD 2 from each)
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