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Well, that was a pretty good weekend!

Friday, we got together for dinner, dessert and wandering around with M.L., S.P. (yes ziggy_b, that S.P.) and his wife G. It was great to see them, since S. and G. don't visit often (they live in Bilbao, in Basque Country).

Saturday, I hosted boardgames, and got a pretty good crowd: beable, jagash, black_cat11, her friend A., niall_, donnav, M.M., iclysdale, ranisilath, and A. and J. from the Strategy Club came by at various times. We played Caylus, Settlers of Catan, Crokinole, Igel Argern, Mao, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. M.M.'s crokinole board is crazy fast now that he's using an anti-friction wax powder (actually like tiny wax ball-bearings)... pieces glide as though it were an air hockey table, and we had to shim the table legs to level it so that the pieces wouldn't drift.

Sunday, I went to the 9 A.M. aikido class for the first time in a few years. It was a great class, although I had to be careful about hydration, since my body isn't used to that kind of workout before noon. In the afternoon, I did a bit of housework, then soul_diaspora and I went walking and birdwatching around the Jack Pine Trail and the Beaver Trail, and took the evening together.

This week, I'm up for doing things with people Wednesday and/or Friday evening, although I want to fit in aikido on at least one of those.
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