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Running this up a flagpole...

I'm considering the possibility of running an RPG starting this fall, after ancalagon_tb's Star Wars game ends. This would put it somewhere around October, I'm guessing.

My current idea involves a modern setting with relatively little actual combat, using the Hero system because I know it works well for this kind of game, and for other reasons that I cannot fully disclose at this time. Character death is expected to be rare but not necessarily absent, and provision for bringing players back in would be made (i.e., if your character dies, you don't "lose your seat" or come back in at "level 0"). An introductory game lasting about 3-4 sessions would lead in, and then players would have the opportunity to construct new characters based on a better understanding of the milieu and the game mechanics. I will provide help with character creation, especially for people new to RP'ing and/or to the Hero system, which can be a bit daunting.

The focus of the game would be on characters' actions in the context of difficult matters of ethics and loyalty, against a backdrop of... well, some kind of trouble, at any rate. Elements of the supernatural are likely to become involved.

This game would draw on some things that I've played in and enjoyed, but it's not a carbon-copy of any of them... apparent similarities should not be trusted to hold too far!

Any salutes? If you're interested, let me know about your availability. My preference would be to run on a weeknight, starting at 7:00 and running until 10:30 plus or minus 30 minutes.
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