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Miscellaneous ramblings

It seems that with both of us working at day jobs, soul_diaspora needs me to gtfo let her have the apartment to herself more in the evenings, so I'm going to be seeking lots of social time.

Work is... well, roller-coastery for me these days. We're accomplishing a lot and there are lots of exciting developments in the product design testing, but because of the schedule pressure, it's hard to keep on top of the multiple streams of activity, and any obstacle in any of them becomes a bigger deal than it otherwise would. Besides my main project, I've become the "expert" on PCB array design, so pretty much every board that goes out these days has a drawing of mine showing how they are to be laid out to get the maximum yield per panel (think of it as getting more identical little shapes from a piece of cloth, or more cookies from a single sheet of dough) and to be easy to handle in assembly. My old project is what soul_diaspora is working on, but from the manufacturing test support end; my involvement is mostly limited to occasionally helping to push for the resources needed to support manufacturing (including her) and product verification.

Aikido has been fun lately; I've been going very irregularly, to classes I don't often attend, and practicing with a lot of good partners. Of interest was a recent kokyunage throw which I refer to as "the waltzing throw," in which nage (the person executing the technique) steps inside the arc of a sideways cutting attack, and embraces the attacker, continuing (and possibly accelerating) the movement into a traveling circle, and projects them back the way they came. I was playing with the timing a bit, and reached a point of being able to enter in the moment before the attack completed, so the throw had an effortless, light flavor which both I and my partner (who likes flying!) enjoyed thoroughly.

I'm starting to pull together a few threads for this RPG idea, and create sample characters, NPCs, etc... those of you who've expressed interest, stay tuned!

I've also been doing more DJ stuff lately. I think my creative side is looking for outlets, since I'm doing more managing and less designing in my work these days.

Annnnnd now it's time for bed... I promised soul_diaspora the computer at 11, so I'd better stop here, lest there be Trouble!
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