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Busy, but good...

Tuesday: A good space battle in ancalagon_tb's Star Wars RPG... FTW!

Wednesday: A fun evening and even a small art project with ilanikhan!

Thursday: Advanced class at aikido, at which I slightly injured a thumb by getting it caught in a friend's hakama while he was doing a pin... it's already mostly healed. This was followed by a very pleasant evening alone with soul_diaspora, who was very happy about something recently loaned to us... thanks, O Unnamed Person!

Friday: Steak and lobster with my parents, who just got back from the Maritimes... yum!

Saturday: Stimulating and pleasant conversation and apartment-viewing with jagash, then meeting in-laws at the airport, housework, and dinner at The Keg Manor... more yum!

Sunday: Company party at Montebello... leaving now!
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