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Karting update

Just a note that we are still planning on going karting this Saturday if the weather is good, and if you're interested, there's still room. Because we expect there to be fewer than 10 of us, we will show up on the day and take what we can get; I recommend budgeting $80 for the racing, just in case we can persuade them to give us the full track. Original details are here!

In the (unfortunately likely-looking) event of rain, we'll go next Saturday, October 4th, instead. I'll post a final verdict by noon on Saturday as to whether we're going this week or not.

Currently, the expected racers are ilanikhan, niall_, green_ogre, blinkus2000, M.V., and myself, with xiphia thinking of coming to give moral (or other) support!
Tags: karting
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