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Ludo and bulk order updates

Ludo Outaouais is going well: lots of fun, lots of opportunity to practice my French (which I value these days), and hey... the door prizes there are teh awsum! Admission: $30. Door prize: Red Dragon Inn 2 (which is playable independent of Red Dragon Inn 1), sticker price at Fandom II $33. I've played quite a few games including a newly-designed prototype (Speculation, a decent stock market-themed game for which the designer was still soliciting suggestions) and a good slice of a Serious Wargame (Storm over Stalingrad), in which I held my own... when we had to pack up for the night, it was pretty much as nail-bitingly close as it was in history. My Russians were backed up to the river and just barely hanging on to control of most of the shore against superior German firepower and support, having fallen back through most of the city. Reinforcements were on the way, but would there be anything to reinforce? Nice tension in the game, and easy to pick up by wargame standards, but perhaps not by eurogame standards. dagibbs, I think you would like this one if you could find willing victims. I think it may be a next step up from Twilight Struggle.

The bulk order is now so close to $2000 that I can be pretty assured that it will get there, even if I have to do the driving. Accordingly, here are people's new totals and order status information!

beable: Discounted total with tax: $232.85
Hero Main Book: $46
Imperial: $54
Bananagrams: $18
Princes of Florence: $38
Tsuro: $25
A Touch of Evil: $52
Bohnanza: $20
Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe Exp.: $14
Power Grid: Power Plant Deck 2: $11
Betrayal at House on the Hill: on order, looks unlikely
Power Grid: Italy/France Exp.: on order
Power Grid: Korea/China Exp.: on order, may not arrive in time

theweaselking: Discounted total with tax: $159.86
Savage Worlds Explorer's Ed. (5 copies @ $10): $50
Pirates of the Spanish Main: $40
The Savage World of Solomon Kane: $46
Slipstream: $35
Sundered Skies: $32
50 Fathoms: on order
Necropolis 2350: on order, may or may not arrive in time
Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Ed.: on order

ancalagon_tb: Discounted total with tax: $19.69
Warhammer FRP: Terror in Talabheim: $25
Warhammer FRP: Tome of Salvation: on order
Warhammer FRP: WFRP Companion: on order
Warhammer FRP: Tome of Corruption: on order
(GDW has shut down production because the product is amazingly successful. I do not understand the reasoning. Hopefully, the distributors still have some copies available.)
Settlers of Catan: last seen on shelf at $38, more updates soon
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: last seen on shelf at $18, more updates soon

feli_valkyria: Discounted total with tax: $55.91
Conan: The Roleplaying Book: $36
Call of Cthulhu Core Rules 6th Ed.: $35
Stygia: Serpent of the South: on order, hard to find (old edition)

trippingpossum: Discounted total with tax: $80.51
Dungeon Twister: $30
Red Dragon Inn 2: $33
Witch's Brew: $32
Dungeon Twister: Paladins and Dragons: last seen on shelf at $26, more updates soon
Dungeon Twister: 3-4 Player Exp.: last seen on shelf at $33, more updates soon

xiphia: Discounted total with tax: $116.11
Settlers of Catan: $38
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: $18
Seafarers of Catan: $38
Seafarers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: $18
Tsuro: $25
Black Death: on order, looks unlikely
Kremlin: on order, looks extremely unlikely because there's no distro.
Credo: on order, looks unlikely

ziggy_b: Discounted total with tax: $67.80
Settlers of Catan: $38
Puerto Rico: $42
Race for the Galaxy: on order

M.V.: Discounted total with tax: $19.49
Magic the Gathering Eventide BattleBlitz Deck: $11.50
Magic the Gathering Eventide Life Drain Deck: $11.50
Pow Wow: on order
Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion: on order, may or may not arrive in time
Dominion: on order, may or may not arrive in time
Pandemic: on order, looks unlikely

ironphoenix: Discounted total with tax: $276.29
Rails of Europe (a Railroad Tycoon expansion without the name!): $33
Saboteur: $14
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear: $69
Agricola: $64 (W00t! It came in!)
Shogun: $59
Imperial: $54
Wizard: $8
Bananagrams: $18
Through the Ages: on order
Age of Steam: on order, looks unlikely because Mayfair is sitting on the rights but not printing anything
Power Grid: Korea/China Exp.: on order, may not arrive in time
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