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Notes from a Fiery Nest

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18 June 1973
Friend at will; if you want me to friend you back, be someone I know IRL or interest me with your comments!

I'm Christian (Roman Catholic), and try to learn about and practice that faith as best I can. I occasionally share reflections on the Word at my parish, and usually repost them here; it's worth mentioning that they're written with an orthodox context in mind, and so there is usually some part of what I think which I leave out. I take inspiration from other traditions, and have a rather unconventional approach to my faith.
I'm joyfully married to soul_diaspora, and have been since 1999; there's lots more to say about that, but this isn't the place for it!
I stay in food and rent money by doing research and development, project management, new product introduction, and/or manufacturing engineering at an established medium-sized technology company.
I recently ditched a PhD in electrical engineering after too many years part-time, having decided that it wasn't enough of a priority to be worth the time investment necessary.
For about 8 years, I've been practicing aikido. I'm better at it than I am at most other physical skills, but I'm no expert.
I listen to a fairly wide variety of music and DJ for fun. I like sharing good music.
I play a lot of games. Role-playing games, card games, board games, minatures games... it's all good.

I post less often than I might, because this is just one of many ways I have of spending time. I don't usually do the "this is my life right now" style postings, but it does happen. Unless otherwise noted, my life involves slightly varying concentrations of religion, sleep, family, food, work, aikido, friends, music, gaming, and reading.

I don't post anything I would be upset about having the world know about me, because this is, after all, a website. If I want to talk to you about my sexual proclivities, marginally legal activities, office politics or other subjects that it's not wise to shout from the rooftop, I'll do it in e-mail, by phone or in person. So, unless I friends-lock a post (very rare), feel free to repost with attribution. If you make any money from something I wrote, I want a share, and I want to know how to turn more of my scribblings into cash too.

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